Privacy Policy

What personal data we collect

We do not store any of your data in the cloud. Every voice message recorded using Recordify is uploaded directly to your workspace files directory. It happens the same with data provided by Slack, they live only on your local device.

Who we share your data with

Your data won’t be shared with anyone as it only lives in your local device.

What third parties we receive data from

The Slack platform is the only third party from where we receive data.

How we use third parties data

Recordify uses parties data to:

• List all workspaces where Recordify Slack app was integrated.

• Fetch profile data of the logged user.

• Upload the recorded audio file to the selected workspace files directory.

• List all channels.

• List all groups.

• List all users within the selected workspace.

• Send a message to the selected channel/group/direct message containing the audio file.